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How to join two .avi files

So, you've just downloaded what you thought was going to be one file only to find out it's actually spit into numerous files like cd1.avi, cd2.avi.

How do you join them together easily?

The first way is to spend some of your hard earned cash any buy a package with a flashy front end or simply use what's built into mac os x - cat :-)

Firstly open a terminal window and cd to the folder that contains your files.

Then enter the following command

cat file1.avi file2.avi > my file.avi

Replace the names with something sensible - you get the idea. That's it! Easy.

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The Difference between Apple Sport Watch and Watch.

What's the difference between the Apple Sport Watch & Watch (apart from the price)?

The biggest difference is that the Sport edition features an Ion-X Glass cover - the same material used in the windows of the space shuttle and high-speed trains. The glass is changed at a molecular level through ion exchange. Smaller ions are replaced by larger ones resulting in a surface layer far tougher than standard glass.

The Watch goes one big step further. The face is made of sapphire, the second harder transparent material on earth (diamond being the hardest - maybe that'll make it onto the next version of the Watch but I very much doubt it).

The Sport is sold with the Sport band. The Watch is available with the Sport band, Classic Buckle, Milanese Loop, Link Bracelet and Modern Buckle.

The bodies also differ - the Sport is manufactured from 7000 Series aluminium and the Watch features "heavy duty" 316L stainless steel.

Other than that, as far as "the works" go - they're all identical.

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On this day in Tech History - November 16th

November 16, 1982

Steve Jobs writes a letter to McIntosh Labs asking for rights to use “Macintosh” as the brand name of Apple’s still-in-development computer. 

McIntosh Labs makes high-end stereo equipment, and while Jef Raskin, creator of the Macintosh project, intentionally spelled the name with a letter “a” to differentiate Apple’s computer from McIntosh’s audio products, Apple was denied a trademark because the name was phonetically identical. Since the Macintosh team had become attached to the name, Steve Jobs wrote the letter hoping to get permission or a licensing arrangement. Gordon Gow, president of McIntosh Labs visited Apple headquarters for a product demonstration after receiving the letter. However, McIntosh lawyers advised Gow to rejected the request.

It wasn’t until March of 1983 that Apple secured a license for the name Macintosh. In 1986 Apple wholly acquired the trademark for an undisclosed “substantial” amount of money.

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Apple Watch Now Available In South Africa

The long wait has ended for South Africans who can now buy the Apple Watch locally.

The watch will be available through local Digicape's Cape Town store and local iStores.

For most consumers the cheaper stainless steel version will be the one they will go for, while the well-heeled might opt for the significantly pricier gold version of the watch.

The steel edition of the Apple Watch will set you back between R9,299 and R18,499 at Digicape. If that is still a little too dear for you then it's worth checking out the Apple Sport Watch which starts at R5,899.

But, if money is no object then you'll want to take a look at the Gold edition which starts at R159,999 at Digicape. If you really want the high end watch then be prepared to fork out R269,999 for an 18-karat gold edition.

Craig Parker, marketing manager at Digicape, said: "We are thrilled to be selling Apple Watch at Digicape’s Cape Town and online stores soon. We believe Apple Watch will be one of the hottest gifts for the holiday shopping season."

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