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The Difference between Apple Sport Watch and Watch.

What's the difference between the Apple Sport Watch & Watch (apart from the price)?

The biggest difference is that the Sport edition features an Ion-X Glass cover - the same material used in the windows of the space shuttle and high-speed trains. The glass is changed at a molecular level through ion exchange. Smaller ions are replaced by larger ones resulting in a surface layer far tougher than standard glass.

The Watch goes one big step further. The face is made of sapphire, the second harder transparent material on earth (diamond being the hardest - maybe that'll make it onto the next version of the Watch but I very much doubt it).

The Sport is sold with the Sport band. The Watch is available with the Sport band, Classic Buckle, Milanese Loop, Link Bracelet and Modern Buckle.

The bodies also differ - the Sport is manufactured from 7000 Series aluminium and the Watch features "heavy duty" 316L stainless steel.

Other than that, as far as "the works" go - they're all identical.

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