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How to install a Joomla! website on macOS Catalina

So - Catalina has been out for a few days now and is acting normally (or as normally as a radically different macOS would do).

Next job on the to-do list was to install Joomla! a bit of hit (and mostly miss) and I have my web site up and running - must be - you're reading this ;-)

First thing is to download all the app's, util's and installers you'll need (my quick and dirty no-waffel instructions).


Shopping list:

BBEdit (for editing the HTML config file)

Sequel Pro (for setting up the MariaDB database)

Akeeba Kickstart Core (for restoring your Joomla! .jpa backup)


Cooking instructions:

Crack up your favourite web browser and install Homebrew (follow the prompts)

Install MariaDB using the terminal command brew install mariadb (follow the prompts)

Start MariaBD by using the terminal command brew services start mariadb 

Configure the database by using the terminal command sudo mysql_secure_installation (enter a root password when prompted)

Edit (with BBEdit) the following file /etc/apache2/httpd.conf

Find the line #LoadModule php7_module libexec/apache2/libphp7.so (should be line 186) and remove the leading # and save the file

Use the terminal command  sudo apachectl start to start Apache

To be safe - restart your Mac


Now the fun stuff:

Remove all the files in /Library/WebServer/Documents

Copy your .jpa backup file and the kickstart.php files into /Library/WebServer/Documents

Note: if you're installing a fresh Joomla! site then download the zip file from Joomla! and copy the contents into the /Library/WebServer/Documents folder

Change the permissions on /Library/WebServer/Documents to read/right for all users - remember to propagate permissions

Open a web browser and enter your.url.goes.here/kickstart.php (I think localhost should work)

Follow the prompts! And with a bit of luck you'll have a fully working Joomla! website up and running!

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