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Smokers United SA

This has been posted on behalf of Smokers Unite SA .....

Smokers and citizens for change. Over the past few day Smokers United SA has been working tirelessly to formulate a plan for a peaceful protest for the 8th. We have submitted the required documents to our respective city officials and our first proposals were all subsequently denied.

We formed the plan for the drive slow to circumvent the Lockdown restrictions on social distancing etc and we have found out ..much to our dismay that, that too was denied. This morning we were informed of an 'alleged' deployment of troops to stop the people protesting.

After a long back and forth between organisers we all agreed that backing down would be the wrong message to send and many of us ..in fact ...all of us believe we have a responsibility to you out there who would be protesting regardless . We have a responsibility to you but we have a responsibility to observe our rights aswel . Therefore ...we will be going ahead with our Protest action on the 8th but have a duty to inform you that this protest will unfortunately be deemed 'illegal'.

While we will be informing civil rights groups like Right2Protest and Afriforum including the media etc we have to urge protesters of the possible repercussions and consequences. We are going through with our drive along however some routes times might change (as to not make it easy for them page1image36914192) .

We will be posting that info possibly at the last moment ...maybe we don't post it.. we are still working on the details. Please be advised and keep in touch for more info . Smokers SA is committed to keeping our Protest both legal and peaceful.

We might be losing the legal aspect but if we remain peaceful and follow guidelines set forth by admins in our respective areas we will hopefully mitigate many legal issues. We thank you for your support and wish everyone Goodluck.



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