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Arleta D:

Morning All,

Lockdown has violated ALL our basic human rights. Not just simply a few.

Although we believe that the whole tobacco ban is unjust and irrational, we don't believe that it's more important than any other right which had been violated.

LFN has even succeeded, unlike any other party or organisation, to have decriminalised the sale of tobacco where Regulation 48(2) had been declared and confirmed as unconstitutional and invalid by the High Court Gauteng Division Pretoria in our well-known Lockdown Regulations case against Government.

The latter means that although Regulation 45 still prescribes that tobacco and e-cigarettes and related products are not to be sold, the Police may not enforce it anymore as a criminal offence. A law declared as invalid and unconstitutional has no force and can't even be enforced for an interim period.

We also further believe that the sale of e-sigarette fluid has also not specifically been excluded from sale as it does not necessarily resort to be a related product of an e-sigarette like a hubbly bubbly, for example, could be construed. The non-definition of what is meant by "related products" makes the inclusion of e-sigarette fluids vague and embarassing and therefore unenforceable too opening any accused to create doubt.

The Lockdown Regulations are incompetent and whoever wrote it were clearly doing so in a haste and without proper consultation, making it irrational.

The FITA and BATSA cases also only target tobacco products and not e-sigarettes and if they had, we belief that these cases could have turned out much different and not trying to argue that it is essential but rather that it was irrational not thinking about the additional health threats and economic hardship it caused.

Leave it as it may, LFN is concerned about the repeated attempts of smokers to engage in petitions and even protests, but all the efforts and planning are exclusively centred around only the tobacco ban and not the Lockdown itself addressing ALL human rights violations instead.

One national protest is also planned for tomorrow 8 July 2020, which LFN gladly supports just like any other protest against human rights violations, but in the same instance LFN is concerned about the fact that this protest is targeted at the people through engaging in drive slows on major national roads only obstructing traffic for other South Africans rather than taking their combined efforts directly to Government.

The lack of being able to buy tobacco again at normal prices, or people getting a job again after employment was lost due to COVID-19 measures, allowing our children to be normal children at their schools again, fully opening places of worship, or the like, are matters to protest against, but not at the expense of only targeting one aspect namely the "tobacco ban".

LFN truly hope that the anti-Tobacco ban protests will make a difference, but to have rather assisted LFN to spread the news to retailers and shops to all start selling tobacco and e-cigarette fluids again without being worried of criminal prosecution would have reaped far more positive results than simply frustrating other suffering fellow South Africans in traffic.

LFN combined forces with several other civic organisations busy organising the "FREE AT LAST" CELEBRATIONS on 18 July 2020 (Nelson Mandela Day) throughout South Africa as a family day for picnic, braai and hugging fellow South Africans in remembrance of the 30 year unbanning of all freedom fighter organisations.

Let us all take hands in this FREE AT LAST CELEBRATIONS and remind this human rights violating Government that they did exactly to us as the people it serves what the Apartheid Government did to its forefathers and we shall now claim our own freedom on this day from the oppressive and deceiving acts of this Government and it's 14 political parties who have supported them during the Lockdown feeding us all with fake COVID-19 statistics and information in the name of globalisation.

Let us

all unite to make the NELSON MANDELA FREE AT LAST CELEBRATIONS, we as a nation will never forget, as the day we have shed the shackles from this Government and demand a regime change and special national elections to be held before the end of this year.


Liberation Greetings
Reyno De Beer
Liberty Fighters Network

2nd T.gram-CassInventions:
Whoever wrote and placed this must be COMPLIMENT.
However i would have just changed One word as below.
They place the blame for this squarely on the shoulders of Cooperative Governance Minister Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, who they accuse of profiting (Should have been PROFITEERING 🤣) from her alleged connections to the black market trade in illicit cigarettes.
Les Cass from Str👁‍🗨👁‍🗨t Eyes.
To put my name to what I say.

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